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Отчёт англичан о поездке в Москву

Well here's a VERY brief round up of the bits that I do remember or that I've been reminded of:

1. Going to the Bolshoi and having Former President Yeltsin wave at Bryski.
2. Luc.
3. The Kremlin, being totally bowled over by a load of history and boring shit.
4. Luc.
5. Russian Hospitality, Russian Food (yes we ate like kings), Russian Vodka (Neat, frozen and SOOOOOO silky smooth).
6. Luc.
7. Minus 15degrees in the snow, getting lost, Bry's unhappy face.
8. Luc.
9. Skate Park one, missing the entire first day of the comp because of hangover, having Borsche, too much noise.
10. Luc.
11. Skate Park Two, actually skating, actually attempting to learn a new trick.
12. Luc Luc Luc.
13. Froggies in Silly Hats.
14. Luc.
15. Style Slalom, possible inspiration, will I actually get a run together for Skate London?
16. Luc.
17. 10 (ish) year old lad in Blue t shirt... future skate god.... being taught magic slides by Luc.
18. Luc.
19. Vinz and Luc getting all the autograph hunters.
20. Luc.
20. The mad woman attacking the organisers for comiing last.
20. Luc.
21. Nights of drunken revelry, swimming in the 4 foot of snow in my tshirt.
22. Luc.
23. Bolshoi Steev never wearing a T shirt and Goga's "You must be mad!!!!"
24. Luc.
25. Drunk Fluency in Russian.. explaining B55s, telling the barman they were called the "Gumbski", inviting EVERYONE to Skate London.
26. Luc.
27. Bryski and Bolshoi Steev.
28. Luc.
29. Horrible Horrible Sherementayvo Airport.
30. Aeroflot.

FInally, Goga and Simone, two of the organisers who hardly slept, dealt with Gumbie wrecked, were such fantastic hosts and gave us a trully wicked weekend.
For lesss that Ј250 for flights accomodation and visas Bry and I have had a trully unbelievable weekend. Hopefully we'll have some russian skaters over here in the summer so we'll have to do a bloody good job of looking after them.... Bring on skate london!!!

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17 марта 2005

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